No-Go Zone

What do you do when someone you love is sharing their love with someone else or out and about jollying like they carry no responsibilities? I know. You do nothing because you're inadequate. Not unless you're brave enough to burn down your own life to ashes. It hurts because you know that it's wrong but meddling into other people's business can make things worse for you and them. You keep quiet because you're saving them the hurt and issues. There's always a time when you feel pressured to just come out and yell their mistakes right in their face but the thought of having to face the consequences of shattering a broken heart makes you pull yourself back because you'd rather let your own heart bleed than even bruising the ones you love. The worst part of it is not being able to cry about it because you know you've got to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is alright for everybody's sake. I am living in 'the benefit of the doubt'.

"Never make promises. No one can keep them. Lies are easier."

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