Key Terms:

Shopping: An activity for stupid bimbos who just can't get enough of life and has to sell their pride just to fit in with other air-head bimbos. Tak ada duit? Buat-buat ada duit. Done. Favourite quote; 'I'm a shopaholic and my hobby is shopping. OMG!'

Partying: A gathering of mindless idiots just to be known as a cool, hip socialite. Best phenomena; upload semua gambar clubbing dekat facebook and updating status,"LeT's dAnCe ToniGht @ MOS ParTy pEopLe!"

Bitch: An independent women not afraid of being hard and rough. Knows what is right but sometimes might come off as an annoying skank. Formally known as a female dog. Woof woof.
Love: A typical emotion that is over-ratedly used by sappy teenagers who does not know the meaning of the word to begin with. Best scene; Baru pegang tangan, 7 jam permulaan pertemuan, dah 'I Love You'.

Cool: Orang-orang yang pakai Topshop dan Forever21 sahaja. No brand, not cool.

Semua orang pun macam ini, bukan?


Awin Roslin said...

takpun tengah pegi rave event, tangkap gmbar then upload then bubuh caption "xAxAU @ SpEEDzOnE pEoPlE!!!"

adlynndiyana. said...

AnBrEeN ShWeEt GuRlZzZ! :D

psychokiddo said...

okayh, geli people :))