Ninja Monkey

-- This picture deserves to be printed out and framed. Seriously dudes

Penat. Haha. Had a bit of a chaotic day. Woke up and went straight to Pavilion with Ayah. Then came back home at around, sometime before 2pm. Siap-siap, went straight to Firdhaus's sister's wedding. My oh my. Jumpa kawan-kawan lama. Rinduuuu. Especially Acap. I haven't seen him since God knows when. Erin pun the last time I saw her was during New Year's. I was kind of in a rush because I had to drive off to Ili's brother's birthday party pula. I promised Ili I'd be there so I was. Kalau tak, memang tak larat pun sebenarnya. Sayang punya pasal. Came back home, went out again for dinner. And I am now currently playing PS3. Addictive weyh. Ayah just bought it for Zaheen for his really good grades and birthday. So I guess I have to save up my money to buy video games now. LOL. Don't be surprised if I'm not back in UiTM later on. Heee. Nahhh. I'm no game junkie. But I will if I get obsessed with it. You better pray I don't.

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