Marmalade Kisses

I won't say that my semester break wasn't productive. Because it bloody hell is. LOL. I met up with long lost friends, kept in touch with current ones, and made new friends along the way. To add more to my productivity, I went to 3 beaches/ island in the last 2 months: Penang, Pulau Kapas and Pulau Bidong. Call me a beach bitch why don't ya. Not forgetting I developed a new skill at one of this beaces. LOL. Put aside the wondrous island escape, my urban life is not all that different. For many years of living in Kuala Lumpur and having KL's golden triangle as my backyard, the thought of setting foot at KLCC's Twin Tower's bridge has never even crossed my mind. This semester break, I did it. I was up there watching the little people. Gahh. I even lost a couple of kgs but I still have the same body size (WTF right?).

I watched every movie at the cinema for this Summer blockbuster (even the lame ones), went out to dinner at numerous new places, randomly hung out with friends at odd hours, did some retail therapy at cheap bargain bazaars, stayed in with a couple of good friends to just hang out, watch DVD's and eat pizza and not forgetting, I spent a lot of quality time with my family and cousins from both sides. My friends and I got interviewed for a couple of newspapers and a radio station. Nothing too big and not too small definitely, definitely. Caught an international act showcase thanks to my gorgeous babe and her boyfriend (I still think Rihanna sucks for not coming here and ruined my birthday). There are many other things that I care not to elaborate here because I don't think everybody should know everything about me. So with all this going on for the past 2 months, can you blame me for not wanting to go back to Malacca? I'm not done having fun yet you know.

I guess I'm not boring after all. Except personality wise that is.

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