Googoo- Lala

I've learned a lot about myself but I just can't figure me out. If I decided on one thing, another thing about me comes up. It's kind of frustrating and random. I'm sick of trying to figure myself out. I think I'll just stick to being typical when everybody else is trying to be 'different'. I won't deny that I am typical. But it's not wrong to twist it into your own way. I am predictable, I'm not different, I'm not interesting and I'm definitely not amazing. I'm just like you. Cuma I kelam kabut. Hehh.

I would just like to say this. It feels good to not care too much. It feels good to know that you're moving on and that you're changing into a much better person than the last time he/she saw you. I can honestly say that I am loving my life despite the troubles and problems that I experience. Hey, I can't ask much more than that now can I? Plus, I have a confession to make. I want to get the flabs of my tummy. I think I'm fat. There. I said it. Berpeluh aku nak mengaku. Gi makan ice-cream and pretzels jap lah.

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