Terminate ThySelf

Had a really, really, really tired/interesting day. Woke up early for Subuh then just sat down and talked with Ayah as he's back from Lumut for the weekend. Went out for breakfast with both Mak and Ayah and decided to pergi singgah rumah Wani ambil Mak's bandage neck supporter. Reached home at 9.35am when I promised to pick up Ixy at the train station at 10am. Dengan tak mandinya, I took a really quick shower and when I went out of the bathroom, Ixy texted me saying dia baru nak keluar rumah. Yeayy me! Masuk balik mandi again. Siap-siap, and off we went to Bijou, Bangsar!

As we reached there quite early, many of the stalls were still hanging their clothes on the racks. If datang tengah hari sikit mesti banyak lagi barang we could buy. But Thank God both of us had to balik awal. If not... Err, you know how this next part goes right? So when I reached home, rehat sekejap, then out again to KLCC with the whole family. I like Sundays because of this. But the most important thing is... I got the shoes I wanted for oh-so-long! Penat pergi cari dekat Pavillion, Alamanda and even Jusco Wangsa Maju tak jumpa-jumpa. God must love me. Ha-ha. Mak and I watched 17 again, again. Ha-ha. Again for me that is. I've seen a lot of double movies this month. Terminator 4, 3 times. Ha-ha. Just got back from that movie actually. Pergi tengok dekat Sunway Pyramid with an old friend. The way he got all terkejut in the movie was hella funny/adorable. Tengok dia pun could already make me laugh.

See, I told you my plans happen when they just aren't planned. I didn't jinx it! LOL

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psychokiddo said...

klua tak hajak. again. g bijou pon tak ajak. AGAIN. huh!