My Dreams are 2 Big, 2 High

I'm actually talking about those Oxford shoes I tried on yesterday. It's too big and too high for me. Grrr. Anywho, on the subject of dreams, is it my fault if I don't believe that dreams come true? I prefer visualizing and taking on a little bit of luck. Never mind me being bitter. Oh what the heck. Just forget I said anything. I feel like I've suffered from a very terrible hangover (as if).

I brought Zaheen and Jana out yesterday. I like taking them out. It's like doing them a favor from all the hard days of school while I sit at home, doing absolutely nothing. I feel like a total saint. LOL. We watched Hannah Montana and 17 again. And now, it's official that there's nothing left in the cinema for me too see. I've got to wait till next week for new movies to come out which hopefully, I won't be in KL due to the Pulau Kapas trip. Yeayy me. Oops. I hope I didn't jinx it. I take it back! I take it back! Ughh. Fuck me.

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psychokiddo said...

beta murka sungguh dengan kaw niee. tengok wayang tak tunggu beta! grrr.!