Millennium Romeo

I would like to see a gentleman whom knows how to treat a lady.

He would see to it that she is always comfortable around him. He will put her needs before his. His only priority when he is with his lady is that she is safe when she is around him. Safe when he picks her up and safely gets her home. When the special date of a dinner comes around and he sees her get dressed up just for him, he'll just stare at her and say, 'Wow'. He'll pull out his money first before she could even get the bill. His desires are intended to spoil her with every bit of attention and eventhough he knows that he can't afford to pay for everything, he'll make it up to her by giving her the admiration that he has for her. His calls are always short because he doesn't want to intrude on her privacy but all the calls he makes is just to ask how's she doing and just to listen to the sound of her voice. The constant thought of her is enough to drive him crazy but he withhelds it with dignity so that she won't run away scared. To her, his small gestures of the adoration of her is enough to melt her anytime. She wants a man. A good one.

Oh yes. I'm a hopeless romantic.

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M said...

I wish there is such thing as what u called a MAN.