'City' Gump

If I were offered to take a leap into a relationship, I only have one word for it. Slow. I don't want to rush getting to know the other person like I did before. It was such a big mistake which I vow never to make again. I'm still young and I don't want to fall into a routine that'll make my period of youth seem so short. I just want to have fun with someone I could really care about without having to say 'I Love You' very early in the relationship. I only want to hear it when the time is right. Show how much you like your time with me and you appreciate me being around you. Everything else then will just fall into place. I have faith in this. So now, I just want someone who actually understands what I want because I don't want to be frighten in to a relationship. Slow boy, slow. Don't make me run.

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