Brick and Lace

-- I never forget sayang

I just realized that yesterday was the 30th and that means it's the 2nd anniversary of me and Ili! Wooohooo! 2 years and counting baby!

Ili sayang, you will always be on my mind no matter where I am. Our mind and feelings works in the same way. The only difference is how we deal with it. You with your calmness and me with my aggressiveness. I guess our differences and how we have things in common attracts us in many unusual ways. I am not scared to say that I'll do anything for you because I would. I gave you my word and I will always honour it. You know me best, you understand me best. Think what you want, say what you want. I'll always be there for you even if you don't want me to. I love you Ili. And I am not afraid to admit that. You have my word.

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psychokiddo said...

lol. i'll lempang u smpai u berani ngaku u love me, if you aren't brave enough. hahaha kid. anyways, awww. i love you too anbreeen!~ *suara alvin admitting he missed dave*