A bit more than fantastic

Let them be religious, fashionista, a geek, druggie, trouble-maker, smart-ass, big-mouth, sporty, indie, bitchy, loner and so on, they are my friends. Friends whom knows how to adapt with one another. Friends whom knows how to respect each other even when they come from various backgrounds. Friends whom knows how important it is to not judge each other based on what they are and what they have and friends whom knows never to discriminate and choose between one another. As long as we know how to respect each others beliefs and way of life, there's nothing stopping us from being FRIENDS. I guess it's true when they say, 'if you want a friend, be a friend'. So shut up and go find yourself a friend ppl. This is a little bit more than reminiscing.

1 and a half more semester to go ppl. Make it count.

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