Wise Old Cinnamon

I try things for the sake of life. My life. I don't need anybody telling me what or how I should do it. So when I try new and different things, it's not me showing off. It's just me trying to enjoy what life has to offer. You can't blame a person for trying. You've got to give them credit for what they've tried because some people are too chicken shit to try anything new. Yes it is sometimes embarrassing. But time is the only potion to make the embarrassment a lifetime experience. I'm writing this to tell people to BACK OFF and stop mocking people who are in the element of 'first-timers'. Stop and look at yourself in the mirror in front of you. Ask yourself this: 'Have I done something someone I know hasn't'? If you're answer is no, please, shut up. I'm saying this in the most polite way ever. Thank you very much. I'll school you again soon.

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