Thy Shall Not Cut/Cut

I'm torn between two choices. Should I or should I not cut my hair. I have always wanted long, flowy hair that'll make me look really feminine but then I really do want to cut my hair one side short as it is really, really awesome and I haven't tried that kind of style before. Ugh. Give me a sign why don't ca!


Ferdows said...

Rambut boleh panjang balik.
That one side short style u tak pernah buat kan, so why not?
Self-satisfaction tuh yg penting

Anbreen,Aziz said...

true thattttt. tapii, rambut pjg berjela pon i tak pernah ada. tim young? haha

psychokiddo said...

yeeesss... exactly! saye setuju! anbeen, remember how we comment on other people's hair and like "rambot anbreeeen"! so, BRING IT ON BABEH!

psychokiddo said...

*twit. rambot panjang bejela tuh, time kawen la kot :P hahahahahaha. alaa, panjang berjele, nantih u asik nak potong, brr!

Anbreen,Aziz said...

i will cut my hair as soon as i dah puas jadi girl aite!