Malaysia's Very Own Pixie Geldof

What is a fashionista? I wanted to blog about this because I just saw this really amazing, well-dressed girl just now while I was out. She's around my size just slightly shorter. Very petite. She looks like she just came out from Elle's Street Chic column. I envied how she carried herself. She was walking alone with her earphones on and she looks graceful and confident. Her style is what I would like to call a mix between avant garde and a rocker chick. With Malaysia being a very low-profiled fashion country, what she wore was outstanding but yet very suitable and subtle for Malaysia's teenage fashionistas. So I guess my interpretation of a fashionista is a girl who is not scared to dress outstandingly and knowing how to adapt in one's subtle country.
What the girl wore was something like this.
Except her leather jacket was grey, a big white shirt inside,
and ankle boots.

P.S: Girl, if you're reading this, let me tell you that I ADORE YOU!

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psychokiddo said...

heh :P i yang suruh dia pakai camtuh tuh :P