Hail Galaxar

Remember the contest Ara won during The Saturdays's showcase? Well, during the Bloop game, she won two free tickets for the premier of 'Monsters Vs Aliens'. So we went, and it was hella funny! Me and Ara laughed all the way throughout the movie. Ara loved Bob while I loved Insectosaurus. Haha. It was 3D by the way. Most of the audiences were adults. It's kind of funny seeing adults watching a 3D cartoon movie when not only kids get excited when the screen looks as if it were popping out, adults get enthusiastic as well ok? I am seriously not joking man. Ha-ha. Well, thanks Ara darling. You're such a doll. Bob loves you too. *Wink. Oh yeah, did I mention my tagline 'AMAZING' was used A LOT in the movie? It did weyh.

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