Jinx the Minx

"Sometimes when the curls in your hairs begins to disappear, you get out a curling iron and try to re-make what has been paid for it to do in the first place."

I had a lot planned out for this semester break. But I didn't want to jinx it by committing anything because I have been cursed that by any plans I make, would turn out tak jadi
in the end. It's always the same typical thing. There has never been a sense of confirmation in my life and I'm used to it by now. I'm okay with it and by now, I've learnt to just take things as it is and just wait for any spontaneous opportunities to come and wait to make my decision till the last minute. As of right now, I'm too comfortable lazying around at home to take life seriously. So when I'm excited to face something, I just try to forget about it because I know I'll just jinx it big time. Best thing to do is just shut up and sleep on it.

Let's see if I'd jinxed this upcoming plans of mine:
1. Trip to Pulau Perhentian with vast friends ( it is now changed to Pulau Kapas which is just as good but minus the vast friends. The only plan that I'm looking forward to no
2. Take up piano lessons to complete my RM Award programme and my long dream of getting good with an instrument ( turns out susah if I want to get to class as Mak is always with the car)
3. Planning and celebrating Ara's birthday ( tapi dah kantoi with the birthday girl herself. Pfftt)
4. Nak balik JB and visit Tasha kat Ipoh ( tak sampai hati to leave Mak at home as she just got out of treatment and Tasha pun dah balik JB so bye Ipoh!)
5. Lose weight and get toned ( has never happened in my life before so why start now! LOL)

-- Jinx! Oopss.

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Lina Amin Nordin said...

pulau kapas sumpaaa best gileee! u shud go!!!! hahahaha