I'm Real

--Hold me, tell me everything will be alright

My appetite for loving at this moment can be described as hunger and pain;
I want someone to be there when I'm feeling sexy. Tell me he loves the way I walk, talk and move. I want him to go crazy over my style and smell. I want him to adore my inner beauty and intelligence and not be intimidated by it. I take back what I said about not believing in love. I believe in it. I know it exists. To me, love is just too good too be true. It's hard for me to grasp the concept of love not wanting anything in return and even crazier, it lasts forever.

This is what I think about a Man giving love;
Men's reputation has me judging that they would ever do anything right by me. I'm just another name in their list of conquers. Whatever they're saying to me is just a game. I want my man to tell me that I'm the women that made him realize that his tired of the game. It may take me a while to believe it though because I might shake him everytime he tries. It's hard for me to take men serious and for that, I want him to make sure that everyday I keep knowing that he is. It don't matter if he has to send me flowers, call me on the phone or a simple text saying, "I'm always thinking of you and it makes me go 'Wooh'". It's the small things that shows how much something means.

I want me and him to have a serious bond. I want to have fun and let my hair down and kick my skirt up when I'm around him. I'll come clean that I may be a bit materialistic about the man in my future. I'm not saying that he has to give me the world, but a bit of security doesn't hurt anybody. It also doesn't hurt for him to assure me that he'll provide for me in every aspect of my life. I want him to make me feel safe, secure and let loose. It's the best thing that a man could ever give. The best traits to have in a relationship to me is understanding, non-judging, honesty and just plain admiration. I believe in love at first sight. The chemistry between two person in love is undeniable. I sometimes think it's cheesy for a person to be in love. But hey, it somehow works its way miraculously. It takes a person to fall in love. But it takes two person to be in love.

Don't tell it's wrong to want what I want. I'm just seeing love clearly now. It'll come knocking at my heart one day and till then, let me leave you with a little theory of love by me: Knowing about each others past is where trust comes from. Honesty is what keeps the present manageable and understanding is what keeps the future going. This are the remedies that keeps love true and alive.

I know it's a bunch of crap. Hey, glad you think so because I don't.

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