I Don't Share

Is it possible for someone to be jet-lagged eventhough they've only been somewhere in the country and not somewhere foreign? Ha-ha. Oh well. I am. I've been sleepy all week long and sick of sitting too long in a vehicle. I've only been to Lumut-Penang-Lumut the pass couple of days. Ikut Ayah. The family as well came along. I've been home for 3 days already and I haven't even finished unpacking. I've not yet even began settling in. I still have a lot of errands to run today. And planning to meet up with a few cousins and friends is not helping me find 'me-time' either. I'll get it soon enough though.


adlynndiyana. said...

now i saw the w'hole' at the back
bahaha :p

Anbreen,Aziz said...

hahahahaha. now you get it ;)