Guilt Free

It was 8.15am-ish I think and it was on a Friday. As usual, I'd wake up at 6.45am for Subuh prayers and then ZZZZZ again. Tak berkat betul kan. Ha-ha. Oh well. I assumed I'd be sleeping till noon as usual but noooooo. Ayah woke me up at 8.17am (I checked my phone which was right under my pillow) and told me he wanted to go to Pavillion at 9am. I was like, WHAT?? 9am weyh. Dah buka ke? Tapi takpe. I assumed again he wanted to run some errands and grab some breakfast before hitting Pavillion but again, noooo. We went straight to Pavillion and we reached there at around 9.20am. There was a breakfast area in Pavillion itself so, apa lagi. Lapar nak mati. Breakfast, I likee. We ate and sat there till I saw the escalator was turned on. Escalator dah on, kedai mesti dah buka. Ngehehe. Ayah wanted to go the Nike Golf Shop and THANK GOD it was exactly beside Forever21. Tak sia-sia aku bangun pagi semata-mata nak pegi kedai golf.

Quite shockingly, I wasn't the first customer there. There were a couple of customers already inside. Amazing. Survey, survey, survey, lari balik kat Ayah. Ha-ha. Checked out apa Ayah beli. Tactic: Check out what he buys and then match my wants with what he just purchased. Ha-ha. That way, both parties would not have to bear the burden guilt. Nice strategy huh? A few purchases were made and I got myself a RM100 accessories voucher courtesy of F21 (not exactly courtesy as I had to purchase items above RM150 to receive a RM50 voucher. At least dapat something kan!). Sweeeeetttt. With this, I don't ever have to feel guilty about purchasing a bunch of accessories that I doubtly will wear often. Nafsu. Ha-ha. I'm only human. Sue me. Boo! Ngee.

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psychokiddo said...

hahaha. biase dah, knowing