First and Foremost

It was during my break in between exams. A four day gap. Ixy called me up and offered me a job as an usherer for the World Halal Forum at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Hearing about the opportunity and the payment excites me. But damn. I had my Economics exams the day after the job offer. I lingered thinking about the consequences and told Ixy that I'll think about it. After weighing the ups and downs of the offer, I thought to myself, 'Anbreen, weren't you the one who said you wanted adventures in your life? Take the job. It'll test yourself if you're capable in juggling two important things at the same time.' So... I took it! Haah! It was a blast I tell you. Met a bunch of great, amazing girls, awesome people and an inquiry with one of technology's best invention: Hot Can Cafe Latte. Bahahaha. Awesome gila I tell you. It's a can that heats itself up when you've pushed a button. Freaking amazing isn't it? I took 7 cans all for myself. Hehehe.

The day went by, sealed with hugs and 'handle with care' kisses I showed Ixy. Haha. Taught by Ara FYI. Waited for Mak to come and pick me and Add up from work. And while waiting, we decided to stuff our faces with Chili's awesome mashed potatoes and sneak it inside the cinema. The bartender offered us complimentary Ice Lemon Teas by the way. Add was all, 'Wey, is this for us? Tak payah bayar ke?' & I was like, 'Minum je weyh. It's complimentary. Bedal jek'. Haha. Add, we swept the bartender off his feet. That's why dapat free drinks. Ha-ha. We went in the cinema and watched The Passengers. A whole load of bollocks by the way. We ended up snoring halfway through the show. Arrived home, and realized that I left my new shirt I just bought! Hahaha. Luckily Add's pet sis was there to grab it for me before somebody else did. So we changed and drove back to KLCC. Fiuhhh. After a late night grocery shopping and dinner, we bathed and terus tidur. Zzz. Penat gila. Enough said. As for my Economics exam, let's just say I had to cover 10 chapters in exactly 22 hours the next day. With the help of my new found Hot Can Cafe Latte, it was well worth it.


adlynndiyana. said...
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adlynndiyana. said...

okay, set, pasni g chillis pakai baju kebaye
haha :p