4 in a million

When you wake up and expect the blooming of Spring to come, you realize that you're still stuck in the hard-cold icy Winter.

You've been programmed to love them from the very beginning and whatever comes, they'll always be there no matter who or what you are. Everytime you fight, you know things will be OK again the next day. But what if you're sick of fighting everyday just because they're just being plain stupid and you're scared they won't even begin to change for the better. You're scared of what they might turn out to be and what other people might say. People might tell you that let it be. They'll change when the time comes but what if you have trust issues and you just want what's best for them? You try to advise and teach them what they should be doing, but all that talk and effort you realize doesn't seem to get through to them. I am worried and I should be worried right now. Growing up in a household that bottles up emotions is not easy. The only emotion that seems to run amok in this house is anger, happy, annoyed, forgiveness and love. Sad and worries does not seem to come in the package. This kind of environment is not healthy for a kid. And I am worried. What I'm not worried is that I know my family has a steel heart. We recover from bullet wounds and we're not easily shattered. I'm glad.

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