Wake Up Assface

Malaysia's Blog scene is running on stupid judgments and stereotypes nowadays. It's pathetic I tell you! Aren't blogs suppose to be a place where you write what you want without having to pressure yourselves with who knows about your blog, or who you offend and praise, or anything else for that matter. Konon-konon categorizing people like you're all that. Hello, you're not. What? Is it that important for other people to impress you? On what criteria did you base on to judge their credibility to be popular. You're no one. Why? Because you only talk like you understand, but for an apparent reason, you're not. Some people might praise you, but what about the others? If you really want to talk the talk and walk the walk, put yourself in other people's shoes. See everyone else's point of view. Don't just look in your circle of cliques or groupies or whatever you call it. Stretch your eyes wide open. Put a matchstick between it if you have to. Look beyond the misery and despair of what is being portrayed in your own circle of 'talented people'. It doesn't matter if others are talented or not. It only matters that they are being seen, not looked at and judged. Fucker. I guess I'm a fucker too for judging you. Who cares. I'm only a minor in this scenario.