Rockstar GF Wannabe

Nak jadi girlfriend Rockstar boleh?

I've got a crush for a rockstar. I didn't know that he was one until someone told me. I don'y go looking for gossip. Somehow gossips find a way to find me. Oh well. It's kinda hard falling for somebody who doesn't even know that you exist and even if he does, I doubt that he'll think I'm good enough for him. So I make a move, I'll end up hurting with the consequences. But if I don't, I'll be commiting suicide with the very thought of 'what if'. Babik betol.


psychokiddo said...

what if analysis :P hahaah

adlynndiyana. said...

gossips find way to find you?
gf rockstar?
bole bole
gaya, check!
shade, check!
pout, check!
gig je tak check lagi!
haha :p