Recognize Moi?

FYI, a lot has changed. LYB.

Knock, knock. Ha-ha. It has been a while hasn't it? Goddd. Too much has happened and I don't think I'm capable in bringing it all up at one shot. Since my last post, I've been hit with many misfortunes and blessed with lifetime lessons. I'm 20 now FYI. Big friggin 2-0. I should already know what life means right about now. But I don't. I guess no one does.

Shit happens. It does till we die. But what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. I'm beginning to understand what that means now. I've been through some bad shit this pass couple of weeks. Maybe months. But I'm still here aren't I? Shows you that I'm back. Bigger (obviously), stronger and bolder. I'm still me and always will be me. That doesn't change. The kind of person who doesn't bother bout anybody but herself and loved ones, the kind of person who bitches and annoys people easily and the type of person who seems to think that she's invisible to others. I guess those parts about me won't change.

You either love me, or you don't.

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