Lingering On the Clouds

-- I'm right here Honey

I don't mean to intrude but I really like you, eventhough you don't really know me. Enough to want you in my life as someone special but doubtly romantically. As interesting as you are, I can never match up to be as amazing as you are. Would you ever consider liking a girl who speaks her mind and goes for what she wants? I know it's not how girls should act when it comes to liking a guy, but waiting hurts me and I prefer getting up and make a move to get what I want. But if this scares you, I won't budge. As a reminder, it is the 21st century and chivalry is dead. I hope there's no harm in making a move first. I'm open this way.

Would you even look at the direction of a short, plump, dark-skinned girl like me? I know I don't have a lot to offer but the world is a beautiful place because of our differences right? If you believe that, then there's nothing I should be worried about. I hope. I know guys likes girls who depend on them which would make them feel all wanted and manly. I'm sorry. I am not like that. I would prefer it if I was given the respect to do things on my own and on my own terms. Being too needy is just not who I am. All I ask is that you support me and lend a helping hand when I'm in need because God knows I am not ashamed for asking help when I need it.

I need to know if you would prefer a girl who knows how to be loud and fun or a girl who's shy and scared to be around people. I know I may not be the typical malay girl sitting properly, getting my hair neat, wearing girly frills and ruffles and talking hushly but I am just being who I am. A girl who burps unconditionally, laughs hysterically, likes being silly, is easily pissed off with randomn things and just knows how to look for a good time. I'm not saying I'm all that because people around me knows about my bad side. But I do know how to respect someone and I still have my manners.

You want a more traditional malay girl, I guess I better give up before I step in the game because you'll never find me like that. But if you're looking for a girl who does what she wants and says what she thinks, I'm right here baby.

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