Too many stories. I don't know where to begin. Lack of internet access and leading a chaotic life has been a barrier for me to blog my feelings out. Not like I have a lot of feelings left now. What I've experienced has made me realize that people are prone to repeat the same mistakes. Deny it all you can. You'll re-live it more than you're avoiding it.

1. I've never been a good girl. I'm just a girl trying to do good. There's a difference. Who knows how bad I can be. All I know is that I've got my pride to protect and a grave to get to.

2. I know I get angry and pissed easily. I seem to think that I always know what's the right thing to say and do. That makes me a bitch. I just can't seem to shake it off me. I'm so sorry to those offended with my behaviour.

3. Moving on seems to be the only solution to any of my problems. It's easier said than done though. My way of moving on is to distract myself with something more interesting. That seems to be the only trick.

4. 'Personality comes before beauty'. Taik kucinglah weyy. Humans stereotype all the time. Humans are hypocrites. As am I. Someone charming, strong, smart, rich, drives and smokes seems to be my cup of tea. Yumm.

5. People talk. Yes they do. God knows about what. I doubt that they'll talk about something botherless and invisible. I'm glad.

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