Bombastic Figures

Study week's the best. Want to know why? It's like cheating UiTM, when they ask us to go back home and study, we go out and have fun instead. Cam sial. I know. But everybody's doing it. So don't look at me and blame me for misbehaving. Bahaha. Well, eventhough I didn't get to cut my hair and didn't meet up with some of my friends, I had a really good time going out to the movies and feeding my ass off with really delicious, glorious meals.

I've seen 3 movies in the past 5 days: Fast and Furious 4 (again), He's Just Not That into You and Jangan Tegur. Sial punya cerita hantu buat aku takleh tidur. Fuck. And I've eaten plenty of food which goes against my rules of being anorexic, for the time being. Let's see. I've eaten McD twice, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Madam Kwans, Modestos Pizza and Glitters. That's why I kinda like leaving in Malacca for a while because when I get back home, I get to eat anything I want with enthusiasm.

Well that's that. I need to go figure out how I'm gonna cover 12 chapters of reading before Monday. ADV 241. Terbaik. Grr. Plus, there's somethings I need to figure out about life. It's called growing up.

P.S: I look horrible in a tube dress. Fuck.

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