100 Truths

008. High School: SMKPT
009. College: UiTM, Lendu
010. Hair Colour: I barely know now
011. Hair Length: Am cutting it. Soon
012. Loud or Quiet: L-O-U-D
013. Sweats or Jeans: Shorts
014. Phone or Camera: iPod
015. Health Freak: Err. Average?
016. Drink or Smoke: Both, never I hope
017. Do you have a crush on someone: OF COURSE!
018. Eat or Drink: I need both to live. Duhh
019. Piercings: Ears. Wish I had my nipple pierced. Ha-ha!
020. Tattoos: An airbrushed temporary tattoo. Buat dekat Jonker. Ha-ha
021. Social or Anti-Social: I don't bother
022. Righty or lefty: Righty.
023. First piercing: 6?
024. First relationship: Was hella funny!
025. First Best Friend: Janifer!
026. First Award: Best Student
027. First Kiss: Ssshhh
028. First Pet: A goldfish?
029. First Big Vacation: Hawaii
030. First Love at first sight: I lost my memory on this
031. First Big Birthday: My parents celebrated my birthday every month till I reach the age of 1
032. First Surgery: My cheeks. Kena jahit weyh
033. First sport you joined: Tae-Kwon-Do?

This or That
034. Orange or Apple juice: Both pun sedap!

035. Rock or Rap: Both
036. Country or Screamo: Country
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: BSB all the way baby!
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Haruslah Britney
039. Night or Day: Maghrib
040. Sun or Moon: STARS
041. TV or Internet: Who can llive without both?
042. Playstation or Xbox: PS
043. Kiss or hug: Aku nak dua-dua!
044. Iguana or turtle: Iguana
045. Spider or bee: Geli weyyy
046. Fall or spring: Spring
047. Limewire or iTunes: iTunes for iPod, Limewire for downloading
048. Soccer or baseball: Baseball

052. I'm about to: Break my back

053. Listening to: My dad snoring
054. Plan for today: The day is almost over
055. Waiting for: my rockstar to come up and say HI
056. Energy Level: It's midnight. Need I say more?
057. Thinking of someone: All the time
058. Want kids? : When I turn 28
059. Want to get married? : Err. Not now
060. When? : When HE has a lot of money to provide for me
061. How many kids do you want: 2?
062. Any name on the mind: Only certain people yang tahu
063. What did you want to do: Become anorexic
065. Mellow future or wild: Wild
066. Something you would never try: Commit suicide
067. When do you want to die: Dah banyak bertaubat

Which is the better in the boy/girl you like (in the future)
068. Lips or Eyes: Sleepy eyes, sexy lips
069. Romantic or Funny? : Much of both
070. Shorter or Taller? : Taller
071. Protective or Caring? : Caring includes becoming protective
072. Romantic or Spontaneous? : Spontaneous
073. Nice stomach or nice arms? : Arms
074. Sensitive or Loud? : L-O-U-D
075. Hook-up or Relationship? : Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? : Trouble is hot
077. Muscular or normal: Not too big, not too small.

Have You Ever
078. Kissed a stranger: WTF?

079. Broken a bone? : No
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Countless of times
081. Ran away from home: Home is where the heart is
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Berani nak attack aku
083. Killed somebody: I wish
084. Broken someone's heart: I think so
085. Had your heart broken: Definitely
086. Been arrested: Never
087. Cried when someone died: Haruslah!
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: Once

Do you believe in...?
089. Yourself: Sometimes I don't
090. Miracles: No
091. Love at first sight: Yes
092. Heaven: Yes
093. Santa Claus: Yes
094. Tooth Fairy: No
095. Kiss in the first date: Now, no
096. Angels: I guess

Answer Truthfully
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now? : YES
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now? : Yes, Alhamdulillah
099. Do you believe in God? : Sembahyang 5 waktu, Alhamdulillah
100. Post as 100 truths and tag people: Tag sendiri k?

Some questions are missing. Add, what happened to some of the questions?


psychokiddo said...

AMMA ZINNNGG! rajin gile anbeen!

adlynndiyana. said...

020. Tattoos: An airbrushed temporary tattoo. Buat dekat Jonker. Ha-ha

ni cannot go!

weyh, i din noe u went hawaii and u had a stitch on your cheeeeek? :p

063. What did you want to do: Become anorexic

ni, i feel like slapping your forehead

and oh, i dont know mane the first 7
kwn i nye pun ilang