This Is Why I'm HOTT

I'm sorry. You want to bring me to dinner at a mamak stall? Euwww. No thank you. It's disgusting and it lacks hygiene. People there smoke a lot. I hate it when people smoke around me. Don't they know that the smoke from the cigarattes makes my hair smell really foul and on top of that, I can't breathe through it. Go far, far away if you want to smoke. And if you even think of bringing me around in you pathetic little Kancil, you can just dream on. My Dad drives a Porsche and I don't deserve to ride in a vehicle that's worth less than that.

Girls, if you want to be friends with me, I suggest you go get yourself a stylist. You better look good when you're around me. I don't appreciate it if you wear anything less than a Prada top. Forever 21? Topshop? Mmm. Acceptable. But only if you know how to accesorize it. And you better have money when you want to hang out with me. I can only be seen in Starbucks or other upscaled coffee clubs. It'll be a plus if you have connections with only the upper class people.

My family doesn't shop here in Malaysia. We will shop overseas twice a month. Malaysia's fashion statements are soooo last season. Yuck. Paris, London, Rome. Been there, done that. My family's in Malaysia only for my Dad's business. We won't be here if we had another choice. Luckily we have our driver to bring us around. Public transportation are only for poor people. Plus, I have my own Mercedes. Girls who don't know how to drive are so lame. They better get their licences if they want to be riding in my car.

And boys, please stand 5ft away from me if you're poor, black, fat, ugly and stupid. I don't need you to be staring at me because FYI, you can't afford me. I have never worked hard in my entire life. I'll just ask whatever I want from my Mom or Dad. They're rich and I can get whatever I want with their cash. I don't understand why other people are poor. Don't they know how to earn a lot of money? Oh righttt. They're so poor that they can't even go to school to get educated. Pathetic little creeps. It's easier for them to get jobs if they speak English. Bahasa Melayu can't get you anywhere. I only like people who speak English. If not, please go away. I don't understand Bahasa Melayu.


Tak menyampah kau dengan aku kalau aku macam ni. Nampak perbezaan aku dengan orang yang aku ceritakan kat atas ni? You better get your facts straight before assuming how I live my life. You get mad when people judge you and you fight back defending yourself and telling other people to shut up because they don't know anything about you. I know how hard life can be. I know what it feels like not to have anything. I know how it feels like to feel abondaned. Stop being so self-centered and emotionally retarded. I've faced too many judgements. It's time this sort of thing stops. I'm too old to explain this sort of things again and again.


little miss shy said...

ahahaha. ann kau mcm ni aku lempang kau laju2. ahahahahaha. eh ann, bebaek gmba atas tu kang ada lagi sorg kang. ahahahahha ;p

ayu nadyera said...

yah anbreen..aku tau ko bkn mcm 2..ahaaaaaaaa..
miss u lah~...mwa...mwaaaa

Atira. said...

gila scary.

i know how it feels like being judged. i face that a lot. there's nothing much that we can do about it aside getting our facts straight but it'll be too tiresome.

adlynndiyana. said...

i da nak tergelak da imagining u role playing that role!
ann, i love youuuu! :D
(tibe tibe je) :p

FarhanaLicious said...

hampir saja nak menyumpah seranah orang begitu. ho ho ho!

Diana Ibrahim said...

nak beli ann!

quya anuar said...

gile demanding lah kalo u cmtue ouh ann!sepak lelaju je ouh.haha

hanyellis said...

kau mcm ni?
nak MAMPOS???


Nisa Lokman said...

memang mcm mintak penampar la kan babe?
jgn la u jadi mcm tu...
nnt xley ajak pegi makan kat kelemak or rahmat nnt.

Anbreen,Aziz said...

PPL, I am NOT, EVER, going to be this bitch I talked about. It isn't me. I was just pointing out to SOMEONE that they better shut up and stop judging me when they don't know anything. Peace and love. Always.

Miss jane said...