Manual for Dummies

Hal-hal UiTM semua dah settle. All that's left is to reach Lendu safely and pay up for my lost dining card. I didn't ask for a lot this year. Just some basic necessities and I'm all set. I haven't even jejak class yet, dah ada assignment. Create a freaking In-Design manual? Errr. WTF?! Takpe. Boleh je buat. It's all about wanting to do it or not. Correct or not, is another story lah definitely. But I bet my ass that what I have in my mind for the manual wouldn't be in the lecturer's list of approval. WTVML!

I'm approaching 20 but I don't feel any different.

What I've learned about myself in 2008:
1. I don't use up my phone bill as much as before (RM100 for me can last up for more than 3 months)
2. I began to try a lot of different things
3. I realized the preciousness of true friendship
4. I don't care as much as I do before
5. I can sleep as much as I want. I get sleepy easily. Tak kira baru 30 minutes bangun, I can go back to bed again
6. I don't need attention because I don't give much attention to anyone else;

Actually, a lot happened but I'm not the type to explain everything that's going on in my life with everyone. It's my own thing. I do what I do. I feel what I feel. I don't expect everyone to think and feel like me. It's best not to criticize someone even if you think you know them. Unless you can't stand it lah. I may be average, but I'm not typical. Get that in your head.

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