I'm A Sissy

How to be a girl? I've never felt graceful, gorgeous or anything else that a girl should feel like. Let me point this out. The worlwide acceptance of a girl: 1)Long hair, 2)Fair skin, 3)Slender figure, 4)Free from cuts and bruises, 5)Sopan?

Hear this. I prefer short hair because it looks more funky and fresh. I have long hair just because I wanted to see how I look like with it. I'll cut it off soon enough. Fair skinned? Err. I think it's just overrated. Most people with fair skin thinks their above everybody else. People worship them. Why (padahal, all my friends are like 70% fair skinned)? I don't see the attraction of being skinny? A girl has got to have a little bounce to make things interesting. Stick thin? Err. Stand beside a twig and the twig will look more outstanding then you. Who wouldn't want flawless skin right? But then, it just shows that girls who squeal frequently at the sight of a cut, are sissys. Helloooo. Chill. It'll heal. Urr. Being too sopan is just to weak for me. I don't mean that we should be rude or anything. It's just to say that we should have manners as well as portraying our independent and strong side as well. Lembik-lembik nanti kena pijak baru tawu.

Am I being sceptical? No right? I guess there's no need to be too girly. I guess I'm alright for a girl right now. Better than some anyways. I like dressing up and put on nail polish? That counts as a girl right?


adlynndiyana. said...

free from cuts and bruises?
itu sgt klaka dow! :pp
i am so a man then :p

Lily Cartina said...

have a pussy and tht's it, u're a girl