I'm Royalty

I guess Ara has been studying economics for a while now as she now knows about weighing decisions. 3 on 3 tournament or my birthday. Ara, you better not make my birthday the opportunity cost because I have sacrificed my own joint birtday party with my oh-so-missed cousins in JB to spend my belated birthday with you guys. Ara, thinkkkkkkk. Ha-ha.

I've been really sick for the past week. I could still walk around, pergi jalan-jalan with my family, but then later, balik rumah, sakit like crazy. So, I've been stuck at home, not meeting any friends, not surfing the internet, not doing my assignments and not helping Mak out with the chores. I guess I'm the Queen of the land of Boredom. I'm not bored. Just that other people might find me, Anbreen, boring. I guess I have been for a while. Now I begin to wonder. What happened to my resolution quote, 'Don't think. Just do it'? Hahh! Ok, ok. I'll make up for lost time.

Ding! Ding! Girlfriend updates: 1) Add seems to be doing well in the States. I envy you. You get to wear long coats and boots. Siot you. 2) Ili has been busy with Media, netball, classes etc. But I'm working on to make up for our lost time. More time is what we need. I guess I have to make an effort to climb ALL THOSE STAIRS to her room. *Berpeluh dah ni. 3) Ara, I love you nak mampos. No matter how bitchy I am, and no matter how annoying you are *coughs*, you and I will always be. I hope you know that. 4) Bihah sekarang hottt okayy. Her phone rings EVERY single night. Yelahhh kann. Ehem, ehem. Kalah Sue. Ha-ha. 5) Hany is still Hany. My little unidentical twin. Bangun petang, buka mata, mesti ada punya si gila ni. Ha-ha. 6) Anis is still with her non-stop chatter. Berbunyiiiiiii je. There is always something to debate about. Aduihhh. Pening. Nasib kecik. Comel lah jugak. 7) Then there's D. Our Setiausaha for MPP. Just got back from Besut for her mini 'PLKN' course. Ha-ha. Takpe D. Ingat Rihanna. Chilll. Ha-ha. 8) Syasya! You better learn to chill girl. You freak out once more, I am going to turn you into a permanent cow. Heee.

As for the World, there is a lot going on. War, environment disaster, recession/depression etc. Fuck War! Fuck War! What good does it bring lah weyhh. All those money buying missiles, hurting people, konon-konon nak claim territory. Weyy ANJING, how stupid can you be? As for the environment, please people, do your part. It's not hard to get your ass up and recycle. Conserve water. Avoid using plastic bags. Save energy. You people take our natural resources for granted. And you'll see one day what we and our future have to live with. Wake up! Wake up! As for the economy, I guess Malaysian's now have no problem with money huh? Well, maybe for some people. But for the rest, I don't think there's any poverty problem in Malaysia nowadays. I see everybody, especially in KL, people shopping like nobody's business. Where's the recession in that? Pfftt.

I guess that's it for my update. My life is boring now. And I'm happy with it. No more drama. But I do still seek for adventures. Girls, our yearly trip this year jom gi Penang? Heeeee.

P.S: I just found out that Alice from Alice in Wonderland is a druggie. The whole movie is based on the life of a drug addict. Pffttt.


psychokiddo said...

hahahahahahahahahaha. YEY! i'm relieeeeff.. this is what i'm talking bout blood! hahaha. AN! *with no "e" at the end to pronounce with, "AN" baku way that is* hahahaha.. AN! AN! i want to see you climbing up the stairs atleast twice this smster! hahaha. last sem skali, sem nie kene la LEBEH sekali. hahah :D well, I MISS YOU! I'll visit you as much as i can lepas niee. heee! mwuah!

Alisya said...

8) Syasya! You better learn to chill girl. You freak out once more, I am going to turn you into a permanent cow. Heee.


"Annn, I'm scared. What if they barr me? I swear, if i have to repeat, I'd kill myself!".

Moooooo!!!!~ =3

hanyellis said...

hany is still hany! never change!!
memang la aku sentiasa ada je kat bilik kaau..
dah dekat tak dtang jugak tu maknanya ape?
hahah- nak MAMPOS!
heheh.ok cut the crap! i miss you hell much.
sep bontot! muaxx.

Diana Ibrahim said...

anbreen cacat.
i dah ready nak gi concert nih!!

dam dam di dam dam
dam di dam dam (2x)
(lagu feveret)

ngeeeeeeeeee :D

psychokiddo said...

hahaha klaka je dee :P

adlynndiyana. said...

u climbed up to ili's?
giler lah!

ewah ewahhhhh
kalah i
i da tolly single
da cerai :pp

wah wah
pasni i balik campus u da jd mpp ek? ;pp

ps, i rindu lendu n rindu girlfriends weyh :c

adlynndiyana. said...

oh oh, lupe, pjg sgt,
jum g holidayyyyy :D

ara said...

gagagaga.. BKS!!! u cakap i annoying??? hahah.. mmg pon.. tp pon i nak revenge kat korg yeh nanti.. babi btol la.. kene mandi at 1am.. i hate choc n cheese cake dowh ryte now.. damn.. hehehe