Feed Me Doll

I've been busy updating my iPod since last week. It's kind of complicated for a person like me who isn't a tech whizz. But it's effing worth it. Don't think I'm not feeling guilty for how much Ayah had to spend on me to buy this piece of thick metal. I've been catching myself repeating over and over again and asking Ayah, "Ayah, betul ke boleh beli ni? Can we actually afford to waste money on a thing like this?". "Let me decide on what we can or cannot buy ok? If boleh, bolehlah. If not, then tak bolehlah. Tu je ok? You don't worry about this things. You only need to try your best in your studies". Pffttt. Lagi lah he's making me feel guilty. Because to me, I haven't given my best towards my studies. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve it. Other people work hard for it but they don't get what they deserve. I did a bit of my part. I guess the only thing I can do now is just be grateful with what I can do.


psychokiddo said...

weyhh nak gmba pd laaa :P

adlynndiyana. said...

new ipod?
shut up!
hahahh ;p
ps, i miss you bicth!

ayie muhammad said...

hah! copyright gamba pd aku nyer wei! haha! so nak post kena baya!! anbreen utang aku rm1! hehe.