Whoa There

-- Wayfarers pun? Duhh.

OK. Rob and I have 3 things in common. 1: We 'out-of-habit' like to pull our front hair back. It's like taking your fringe and pulling it back across your head except mine doesn't stay put like his does (his hair is full of wax or some sort of gel I assume). 2: We hate children. I mean, I am basically very pick when it comes to children. I don't warm up to a child very easily. They are annoying most of the time. (Am I suppose to be freaked out by this statement that Rob hates children?) Brrr. 3: We were born on the 13th day of our respective birth month and having 3 months gap as his is May and I, February. 3 years gap in age as well (1986 & 1989). Well, you know what they say, 3 lebih afdal. Cukup 3 dah ni kan? Rob, jom kawen.

P.S: Jasper and Emmett is sooo adorable!


Diana Ibrahim said...

amik la rob tuh ann.
haha i tak kesa.
i nak edward.

robert is not edward okay anbreen.
take your robert.
edward is MINE.
(ya Allah, matilaa asek gado pasal twilight je) XD

Nisa Lokman said...

mane bole?
i pon nak robert...
i dgn dia beza 4 tahun 3 hari je...
13/05-86 dgn 18/05/90 brape beza ek?

dapat kellan lutz pun jadi la.
badan tough...
tp mari berebut robert dulu...

Psychic girl said...

oh ya i ade tagged u,sile semak.tq. .

F. Adams said...

hi ann!
yup i clazmet biha!

waa giler ar sume suke twilight ni!