The So Called Pathetic

Some people want to see me fail. Oh, fail I will. But not because of your pathetic teenage angst drama queen self. This sort of people should do a comparison between my life and theirs. I don't complain when I fall. I'll just cry it out and get back up again. But for some people, they'll just complain like shit till others have no respect for them. These sort of people just gain sympathy from so called 'friends'. True friends? I don't know. I am no one to judge anything that isn't my business to know. And guess what, it still isn't my business to talk about someone that I barely know. Putting on a fake personality under that awful mask. The difference between me and you is that I have no regrets in my life. I don't go crying to mummy when things get rough. Everything happens for a reason. And I hold on to that. I move on quite smoothly. Unlike you. You want to know why 'White People' are more successful then we Malays are? They don't sit and plot on how to destroy other people. They get up and avoid things that can destroy themselves. So, why shouldn't I follow their leading?

"Aku nak jmpa kau nk bg chocolate. sbb kau dpt dean's list dgn dhaus", "Turun. Aku kat bawah"
--Hazim Sulaiman, 11:06pm 22/12/2008

Thank you sooo much for the exquisite chocolates from Chocolate. I've always wanted expensive chocolates in a well groomed box. Makes me feel like it's Valentines already. Love you Hazim. You always know how to carve a smile on my face. Firdhaus, keep on making it real okayy.

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