A Quarter After Three

I'm fasting today. Nazar kan sebut? Haa. I promised God if I achieved an average pointer of 3.5 & above, I would fast for a day, and I am. Since last Thursday, I've been out with people who makes my days feel a lot shorter. Time withdrew itself when we're having a blast together making it feel like we can never have enough time together.

It all started out last Thursday. The plan was to watch movies, have lunch and go blading. We did all of those excluding blading. No time & D and I were dressed unappopriately. Dresses and blades don't go well together. It was also the day when UiTM's results were out. I asked Bihah to check it for me (I was cowardly). I'd rather someone else see it before I do. She texted me with my results and my hands were shaking when I read it. Bloody unexpected. I swear to God, I dealt with my exams lousily. Never imagined I could achieve any of this. God must have loved me to bless me with a 3.62 GPA. Hands down. No complains from me. Oh yes (tukar topic). Did I tell you that the 6 of us sneaked in 6 mashed potatoes into the cinema? Hella cute weyhh. Six girls with 6 bowls of mashed potatoes happily gnawing in front of the movie. Ok. Gnawing is a bit over stating it. P.S: I hate Chihuahuas because they look like rats and I am horny for Aaron Johnson. Lust. Not love. Ngehhh.

We met each other again the next night. For Shasha's surprise BBQ birthday party. It was at Jeumpa D'Ramo, Bangsar if I got the name correctly. Nice place. Surprise lah sangat when one of Shasha's friend spilled the beans earlier. Grrr. She didn't cry when she arrived. Moments later baruuu nak nangis. Bla lahhh. Hahaha. It was worth it seeing you cry you know that Sha. After hundreds of blinding camera flashes later, we all headed out & Add, Anis, Bihah was MIA for the party btw. Grrr. Headed out to Hartamas later on. Tengok-tengok cousin Naufal dah bla and there were no parking spaces and seats available. Decided to balik. & effin hell, I had to wake up early the next day for the youth market at Bukit Jalil. Penatlahhh.

I thought that the garage sale me and Wani were having wasn't serious. I mean, I just picked out a few of my lame clothes, old accesories, some old shoes and chucked them in a box to sell them. I didn't even care if I had to hand it out for free. It just HAD to go. I assumed that we were going to collect RM150 for the day pun jadilah as we didn't expect anything pon, seeing that sebenarnya nak completekan our community service hours je. Turned out, it was a huge success! We collected around RM700 for the 7 hours we were there (I wanted to balik early before. Hehh. Ingatkan boring). 10% from the amount of money we collected was donated to the Rakan Muda Tabung Kebajikan. It's up to them to give it to whom they want.

FYI, Wani, Iwan and I
are Rakan Muda Award Programme holders and this charity garage sale we held was part of finishing up our hours of community service (you people out there, joinlah.) We finished our Bronze level last 2 years and now we're finishing up our Silver. Wani, Iwan and I decided to make this charity garage sale on-going. 3:15 is our name. Sebab kitaorang jual barang tak kurang dari RM3 and tak lebih dari RM15. Hahaha. People yang pandai would pick up our old branded stuff for fucking cheap prices lahh kan. Hany visited later in the evening and supported our booth. Go Hany! Next time we're setting up the booth, Wani is going to sell cupcakes and I'll try to sell my own small zine and see how it goes. Duit weyhh. Duit.

Slept over Maksu's house later that night. We were heading out to the Curve the next day. I was so beat till I was sniffling my way to sleep that night. I just found out that dekat area Danau Kota, ada buka this shop, franchising Kg. Baru's nasi lemak antarabangsa. Had breakfast there. Food, damn good. Service, hella bad. Reached the Curve and Jana and I came to shock to see that the flea market stalls banyak tutup. Tak tawulah if it's only for this Christmas season or memang the other stalls were shut down for good. Oh well. Jana bought her birthday gift with her birthday money and then we went to catch 'Yes Man'. It was hilarious! Anti-climatic sikit ar the movie. Had late lunch kat Paddington's Pancakes and then balik.

I did mention that I'm fasting today right? Ayah woke me up at 4am, then kitaorang keluar pergi beli McDonald's breakfast. Ngehhhh. Heaven.

Dah lama tak photo blogging. Errr. Check on top. Part of the pictures je I posted.


adlynndiyana. said...

oi oi oi oi
youth marketttttttttt?
tak bgtau punnnnn

Anbreen,Aziz said...

its a rakan muda thing. pastu dat time ada wtf 'sure heboh' thing? tv3 punya apa ntah. last minute pun baru dapat tawu.

hanyellis said...

yela yela
t turn aku plak.huhu
t bawa sekali sebakul baju baju kat umah ni