A Promise

I'm turning 20 soon. My goal is to be as responsible as I can be. I'm making a promise to myself and I'm hoping I can trust myself as well.

I need to be the daughter that wouldn't dissapoint both my parents. I need to the sister that has to look out for her brother. I need to be the granddaughter that doesn't forget where she came from for my grandma. I need to be a friend that doesn't abandon them halfway. And I need to be the girl that is rational and sane for myself.

Something happened and it made me realize that my world has tipped over upside down. I can't take anything for granted anymore. And I never want to. I may not be the same person anymore. But I haven't change. 


psychokiddo said...

weee... anbeen nak ta daa.

naufalhiccup. said...

damn. dont i look hot!