Please Don't Go

It's hard for me to be happy for you when fact is, you're leaving me. Bit by bit. In a short few months, you are going to leave me, literally. I know it's for your own good and I am damn proud of you. DAMN PROUD to have a best friend that is leaving for something extraordinary. But to be happy, I'm not so sure. Nobody likes being left behind eventhough it is for a short period of time, and eventhough it's for their own good. But a whole semester without you, that is not what I call a short period. I've been mad because you have been spending time with someone else and that means there won't be enough time for you to spend it with me. I'm selfish enough to want you all for myself. It's hard for me to accept that you're spending time with some 'boy' when you're not spending enough time with me. Punish me for being selfish, but I want you, I love you. I have been feeling miserable when I realize that I just can't text you when I'm feeling lousy and not having your arms around me when everything goes dark. You'll be more than 3,000 miles away from me. It's hard to cope without feeling whole. I'm sorry for taking it out on you. I'm sorry for being arrogant and selfish. Love for you doesn't fade even of I wanted it to.

Don't leave me *sobs*.


psychokiddo said...

alaa.. terharu nye i! tak sangke u begitu skali ngan i....
hahahahahahahahahaa... buwek :P

aCe+ said...

i've been through that..well, its really sucks..

Diana Ibrahim said...

whos leaving?!! adlynn diyana ke??!!!
jawab jawab!!!

ke ili diyana??!!
ke diana ibrahim??!!!
ke siti nordiana??!!
ke princess diana??!

okay i da gila
(sure tade sape akan layan)

Anbreen,Aziz said...

diana ibrahim syggg, add ler yg nak pegi tuhhh. sedihhhhh. huhu.

psychokiddo said...

hahaha. dee gile :P hahahahahahahaha. :)) mish yew la weyh!

adlynndiyana. said...

ala ala ala
semue orggg
add pegy 8 weeeekssss jeee
im still coming bacckkkk :(

little miss shy said...

suke tgglkan org.....

hanyellis said...

ha semua nak pegi?
pegi la pegi.
pegi pegi!!!!!!!!!
pegi jgn balik balik!!!!

addlyn. haiiisshhh. jgn pegi lame2 t kiorang rindu woahhhh!!!
sape nak download kan GG lagi tok i?