Part Of My Definition

Some people are meant to be what they are. The question here is, do you know exactly what you are meant to be? Finding an answer for that might require you to dig up some old craps of shit that nobody wants to do. I guess what's left to do now is just pick the most desirable path and follow it to wherever it may leads. Am not saying that there won't be obstacles along the way, because trust me, there will always be. I envy people who knows what they want and gets their ass up for it. The satisfaction of achieving something from the sheds of sweat you poured is the most excruciating feeling that any human being would want to feel. And I'm not talking about working part-time just to get a pair of shoes or obtaining a designer watch. No. I'm talking about the long run. Our secured and fragile life.

Everybody says that you don't need money to gain happiness in life. You only need love. I don't believe in that entirely. I mean, love can only last for so long until it passes on through time. I'm not saying I'm a bitter, insecure, pruned up old teenager who only wants and money and doesn't care about love. No. Love to me is something very unpredictable and you can't rely your whole life on it. You can go to sleep knowing that you're in love and wake up the next day and decide that you're sick of it. It comes and goes. Like everything else in this world does. Love is only fun when it keeps your adrenalin pumping. It's like a drug which keeps you feeling high for a while and then it wears off. It keeps you wanting more of it once you've tasted it. But what about the life you want to live in with love? You really expect to live in complete satisfactory and happiness without securing yourself with cash?

After all this debate on love based from my point of view, you must think I'm crazy about money. Truth is, I'm not. I would love to be rich, but the richness I gain, I would use it towards experiencing and saving the world. I'd get my basic necessities up front such as having a really cosy and just a tiny touch of luxury place to live in. Nothing big though. Just enough to grasp the simple life. Something I can call a place home. Any car would do. A 4WD would be just nice for me. Though I prefer it if someone just gives me a ride so I would save on fuel and air pollution. I dislike driving. Seriously. I want to feel that I can get anything I want but I don't hace to unnecessarily waste my money on it. That is my true feelings of how having money should be. Splurging once in a while is good. But having money to burn, don't you think it's kind of dull? Having all the money in the world, what is there left to do after that?

I'm not saying I don't want money and love. I do. I really do. But this time around, I would want somebody to be chivalrous and knowing how to be a goofball and having fun. Someone who is able to stand by my side and witness myself evolving from now till death. A guy who knows his duty of being a man. A man's man is what I would want. And as for material beings, I can get pretty obsessive. So I know how to find my way of getting my material needs and wants (it's good to know that my upcoming leading man in my life has to be well-covered as well). Not saying that I'm stingy or anything though. And as for life, the only part I know about it is being dedicated to God and endure what life brings. Apart from that, I don't know what I'm chasing after. No ambition, no future. I guess I'll jst have to wait.


Still waiting...

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