Never Leave Me With a Key

I think it was a Wednesday. I had the car all to myself. I was bored. I finished all my 7 books. I cleaned up my room. I woke up late just to kill time. I even dengan baik hati nya offered to drive my dad to the golf course in Damansara due to the lack of activities. I texted Nadira and Ili whom I know were the only ones in KL at the time. Both were incapable of spending time with me due to familia obligations. I decided to pick up my cousin, and off we went to the salon to get our hair done. It was sort of a last minute thing as I was desperate to get something done. Got there, Jana had the wash and blow which turned out really cool as I decided to get curls done. Big body perms to my hair. Inspired by Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair. Always wanted that kind of hair and there it was, right in front of my eyes. In the magazine. Easy for me to show the hairdresser what I wanted for my hair.

It came out really awesomeeee. I loved it! But to you people who knows how my hair condition is, being it all stick straight and all, it was bound to have flaws which ended up showing a couple of hours later. My hair at the back went back a bit straight. It sort of pissed me off because of the money I wasted on it. I called up the salon and asked them how to fix it back up again. They gave me some instructions and I followed it. Bolehlah. Can't complain though. My hair memang macam tu. It's better than having my completely straight hair back which was utterly boring and dull for me.

Well, it's not exactly the same. It was better right exactly when they were done with my hair. Though she looks a billion times better than I do. Alahh. You get the picture right? I told you. Never leave me alone bored. I'd just do something out of the blue. The curls weren't as tight as yesterday. Still, I do love it though. It's got more texture and looks more lively than my previous boringsome straight hair which it will be soon enough (crossing my fingers that it'll stay this way much more longer than I expect it to be. Oh God please. Do let it.)


Diana Ibrahim said...


adlynndiyana. said...

cop, is that makeups or there's something in my eyes? :p

psychokiddo said...

weyh, nape u makin kurus not makin gemok? holidays are suppose to equal to phatty phatty bum bum!

Anbreen,Aziz said...

weyhhh. no make up ok. itu muka orang tak mandi lagi at 5pm. hahahaha. and ili, gambar je weyhh! real live masih anbreen yg gemok yg u syggg! heheheehehe.

psychokiddo said...

ahahahaha.. well, GGOOOODDD :D hahaha :D

quya anuar said...

cantik lah anbreen!