3 things I get easily pissed off at: 1. People being stupid on purpose, 2. People who seems to talk like they know everyhting but actually doesn't, and 3. People who gets caught up with other people's businesses.

Example number 1: When something serious is happening, I expect people to understand and be respectful about it. I don't appreciate being taunted on for fun. It's kind of like mimicking other people. It's hella annoying. You ask that person to stop doing it, but they just won't. They keep on doing it till it gets on your nerve. You try to suppress your anger, but just snapped later when that person doesn't stop being annoying. Aku dah kata jangan kacau kan? Stop doing what you're doing when I say so. Anger managing is my goal. Respect that

Example number 2: Talk is cheap. Talk a lot but doesn't make any actions concerning it. That's just cowardly. Talk, talk, talk. Talk a lot and you'll lose other people's respect towards you. I hate it when people talk big but they don't have anything to show it for. People talk big for three major reasons: 1. Jakon, 2. Trying to cover up their flaws (senang cerita, nak tunjuk bagus) and 3. Seeking attention. You can't deny me on this. I've known so many people with the same problems and symptoms. Easy for me to detect someone in this area.

Example number 3: I don't appreciate people talking about something that isn't their business in the first place. Where I came from, my family status, how I dress, how I speak, my education background, who my friends are and what I do, does not, I repeat DOES NOT concern anyone and nor yours concern me. It's my business how I handle my life. So what if I get good grades and am surrounded with friends whom too have outstanding grades? Doesn't mean I go around and only make friends with geniuses. Doesn't mean I abondon anyone for that matter. And as for you people who keeps calling me a spoilt brat or daddy's little girl, it doesn't give you the right to judge how I spend my expenses or my parents's expenses for that matter. DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE NOTHING AND HAVING TO WORK HARD FOR SOMETHING. Comes to show that you know nothing about me.

Someone just hit my nerve.


Ferdows said...

Ok. number 3 tuh mmg tuju pada I.
I dont mind. You terus jump to conclusion. Ni lah masalah blog, tak boleh nak menaip dlm masa yg sama tunjuk face reaction. Suka hati u lah Anne, but I am sorry I didnt meant it. My fault mentioned bout dady's lil girl tapi bkn bermaksud I nak ckp psl cara u berbelanja or else. That's your right. so, curse me? I can fuck off and die. Good bye

little miss shy said...

chill breen. alaaa. sbr sbr... ala dhaous? eik.

Anbreen,Aziz said...

dhaous, bukan u sorang je yang cakap macam tuh. im sick of people calling me daddy's little girl. judging me. im SICK of it. dah bertahun dah i dengar orang cakap benda-benda macam ni kat i. sedangkan tak tahu menahu apa2 bout me. u kenal i lagi lama kan dari siapa2. u should know better. im not mad at u. terasa je,lahh.

adlynndiyana. said...

ann, who cares if they call you daddy's little girl
i don't see anything wrong with being daddy's little girl at all
it doesn't mean that daddy's little girl equals to spoil brats
i wud be glad if i cud be one
at least it shows how close you are with your family
p/s i love you :)

hanyellis said...

apehal la orang orang suke pk mcm ni?
no no listen, daddy's little girl?
so what? i tak nampk pun ia nye sesuatu yang teruk!
jgn peduli orang ckp. selagi ada ayah ni, time ni la nak spend ke manja manja ke ape ke. memang ayah carik duit untuk anak2.so? mampos la! esok dah tak da ayah mcm ne?
lantak p ape orang ckp.
ok ann? i love you