It's My Fault kan

Yelah. Yelah. It's Cullen without the "S". Pffttttttt. Big deal. I just wasted RM 49 for magazines with Robert's face in it. It was worth it. I get obsessed and I'd do anything to get what I want. Even if I had to dig out my shillings to get it.

Just saw Twilight again with Ayah just now. He said the cinematography was nice but didn't really like the movie itself. Quote, 'Tak takut pun cerita vampire ni. ' I bet he was expecting blood, suspense and horror from the movie. Ngeh. Maybe I exaggerated about how awesome the movie was till he thought it was a blockbuster. Hehe.

Went around KLCC just to waste time that was given to me and Ayah. I was searching for the best birthday present to ask Ayah (although it's not for another 2-3 months). I came across some really cool items that I NEED to get my hands on:

1. a Tiffany&CO gold necklace
2. an iPod classic (this one is subjective because I wanted to get this on my own)
3. a Christian Dior gold bumblebee necklace with matching bracelet
4. a DKNY/ Michael Kors watch
5. a vampire of my own (Edward to be more specific)

It's just me. I want my 20th birthday to be spectacular. Simple but something that I won't simply forget. I better stop beating myself up for turning 20 like it's my fault. Ugh. Wish that time would just preserve me at this age. I love being 19. Sucks to be human huh.

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