It Is What It Is, F***er

I woke up today feeling pretty lousy. I opened my eyes and stayed still for about an hour. I didn't get out of bed immediately. It's 1st of January tomorrow. Means the party's tonight. I was looking forward for someone else to join me but couldn't make it. Ugh. Scratch couldn't. WOULD not is more like it. Aah. Takpe. Girlfriends ada. But if they neglect me for boyfriends, memang kena cepuk ar sorang-sorang. Kidding girls. He-he.

I'll be back in Lendu on Monday. Excited but not really looking forward to it. It sort of doesn't matter to me. I'm not gloating nor am I shrieking with excitement. I'm just taking life as it is. One thing I've learned throughout my 19 years of life is that, you can't ask more of life. Ask and achieve what you want. Dare to dream. But do something about it if you want it to come true. There's nothing that hardwork and luck can't get you. If not, just accept what life hands you. There's no use in labeling yourself strong when all you do is complain. What goes wrong in life is not God's fault. Everybody is different. You can't expect to have what other people have. You can't expect to be as happy as everyone else. You can't expect other people to feel what you feel.

My life isn't as PERFECT as some people imagine it to be. People assume that it is because I only write and tell stories about what goes right in my life. I don't see the point in telling the wrong turns that life gave me. I just see it as bad karma if I keep thinking and talking about how bad my life is. There is nothing wrong about regretting and feeling remorsed about what has happened. And it is definitely nothing criminal about crying and feeling all alone. But there has got to be some boundaries. If not, you'll be feeling miserable all your life. This negative aura will be all around you. Euww.

Stop hating. Stop bitching about life. 2009 is around the corner. Life goes on. Love it or hate it, you still have to live it. So I suggest we pick love above hate. Situations sucks. Life doesn't. My own mood swings are giving me a whiplash right now. I'm an adult now. Apa jadi, jadi. If I can do anything about it, I will. I am not about to sacrifice my life for some bad apples. Being an adult doesn't mean I have to give up having fun kan?

P.S: Your insecurities are not my problem.

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