Poo On Toast

-- Nothing beats Modestos for breakfast

Daily holiday routine: Wake up, sembahyang, sleep again, wake up, eat yesterday's leftovers for breakfast, online while waiting for lunch, eat lunch, read a book, sembahyang, sleep, wake up, cut out magazines, sembahyang, eat, mandi, online, sembahyang, eat, online, sembahyang, read a book and sleep. I lead a very active and interesting life don't I? Tak puas duduk rumah. I can live in it and not do anything. Though I think that can lead to madness. I mean I don't even sweat. At all. I don't bother myself to find something to do. I don't bother myself to complain about what you call 'boredom'. I live in the Kingdom of Boredom. I don't mind not finding anything to do. One thing that bores me easily is repetition. If I feel like I'm going to get sick of getting stuck at home, I'll just go out for a while. Town bukan jauh pun from my house. So I'll just step out, get something to go and then run back home. Home is where the heart is, is it not?

I've gotten rid of all my negative karma out the window. All the pictures that's no more in my heart, I've deleted. I've gotten a new hair do, and I've gained weight (I think, hope not). It's all good.

P.S: I've been trying to keep a record of sembahyang 5 waktu penuh, and I have fulfilled 2 days dah! Am so proud. Ok. I'll shut up now.


adlynndiyana. said...

proud of u tooooo :D
and btw, online tp ta on ym punnn
pengsombong ym eh skang?
rogol u esok!
tgk ar!

Diana Ibrahim said...

yay!!! go anbreen! sayang anbreen busuk :D

gadis joget said...

im proud of u..
cuba lah full kan slow2 :)

aleeya_nlr said...

wats "he's getting married" and ur daily routine life (which is wayyyy better than mine here)gotta do wit?

Anbreen,Aziz said...

haha. saje jekk pilih title tuhh. hahahaha.

ayu nadyera said...

im proud of u too anbreen!!!hak2..chaiyok2....truskn smpai ble2..=p

Iqbal Amir said...

Go Anbreen Go...

psychokiddo said...

haha ima b one of them to say GOO BEEN BEEN!