Garden Burger? Ugh.

Method acting? Vampire-playing Robert Pattinson admits he sometimes slips into character when he's out with the ladies.
"I've been known for a little nibble," he told reporters at the London premiere of his film Twilight.
Mr. Pattinson's co-star, meanwhile, shared one of his less-successful efforts to impress the opposite sex. "He tried to pick me up ... and he pulled his groin," said Kristen Stewart, 18. "It was hilarious! He was hurt, but he was laughing."
From The Dallas Morning News: Friday, 12th DEC 2008

OMG. Tolonglah Robert oi. You're trying to hit on Kristen and then later make a joke about it? That's just utterly pathetic and embarassing at the same time. No denying that everybody can obviously say that the chemistry between this two pair is undeniable. But please, try to behave. For my sake? Thank you.

P.S: Kyle is still on top of my list. Thank you very much. Sorry to say Robert, I think you're down to the number 3 spot. But you are still undeniably HOTT.

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