Flightless Bird, Bookworms

Will be spending the day at home with Jana tomorrow. She bought Twilight on DVD. Who cares if it's pirated and it's hella blurrr (assuming that is). Janji I get to see the kissing scene which was cut out in Malaysian cinemas, eventhough I've stalked it already on YouTube. If things gets too boring at home tomorrow, I might just get out of the house for a while. Who knows doing what. But I doubt that I'll get bored at home because I've just bought two more books: Cecelia Ahern's 'Thanks for the Memories' & Dan Brown's 'Angels & Demons'. I've been putting off buying these two books since... forever. Kira last resort lah nih. Haha. All in all, I've bought 9 books alone during this short semester break and a bunch of really obsessive magazines. THANK GOD for tax reduction later on. Gahhh.

Three categories in my life worth spending money on is: FOOD, BOOKS & FASHION. It's all good. Though I do need to cut back spending money on food and fashion. I need to get an iPod. I know, I know. Who needs an iPod when there's a bunch of really cool brands of cheap Mp3's on sale right? It's just for music listening je pon kan? Well, who knows when I get abroad, for studying, or career chasing or simply just vacationing, mestilah I want to look cool with an iPod because everybody who's anybody has to have one. Kan, kan? Manelah tawu terserempak dengan Kyle or Robert or Ed nanti, boleh exchange playlists. Gahhhh.

Now the only problem is, mana nak korek duit? Probably I have starve myself (kurus weyy ;D). Kesian aku.

P.S: You people out there reading this, you don't have to get an iPod pun. It's a waste. Never, I repeat, never follow my mad, idiotic, life-managing choices. I can be an idiot sometimes.

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psychokiddo said...

ha, jangan lupe, thursday. everyone is waiting.