Deal Is On

-- Gritting my teeth through Breaking Dawn

It was during my 3rd time of watching Twilight (yes, 3rd time already weyy). Firdhaus, Hazim and I made a bet, based on love. It's clear that the 3 of us don't take 'love' very easily. We don't just use it up one moment and throw it away in another. It's better to find 'love' that you can bring with you for eternity and something that can guarantee some sense of future. So, we made a bet.

Usually I won't agree to anything with 'love', but I guess I wanted to prove to myself that 'love' does exist, so I agreed to it. The bet was, which between the 3 of us finds someone that represents true love first, wins. Whoever wins, the other two has to cough up money for dinner. Ha-ha. The 2 of them have been single for years now, with me being the newest member. I'm not eager to find it, but when I do, I hope it really is 'The One'. Yuck. Cheesy.

Macam mana nak pergi cari Edward ek?

P.S: D!! Cepat sikit baca buku tu! I'm done with all the Twilight Saga and you need to pick up your pace girl! Books done reading, means I have to get back to life now. Which blows. Hmm.


little miss shy said...

ahahahaha. anbreeen breeen breeen. hahaha

Diana Ibrahim said...

i nak kena settle edit gamba tunang dulu.

huuuu nannes dlm hati nak baca buku ;(
buat mogok "twilight!twilight!twilight!"

Ferdows said...

"The 2 of them have been single for years now, with me being the newest member...."
quote ni yg mahal tuh
I boleh buat bukti

Anbreen,Aziz said...

hahahaha. sengal punya dhaus. btw, u mmg keling! i dah kol bru nak cancel! aku cepuk kanggg.

Agus & Family said...
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adlynndiyana. said...

nape cancellll?
jum cepuk!

FieRa RocKsTaR said...


hanyellis said...

ya allah. anbreen?
ape ni? jgn obses dengan edward.
dia haram(bukan islam)
pergi la kat abu ke abi ke.tapi bukan babi!! hahahah