I am sooo proud of myself. Why? I saw the kissing scene from Twilight which was cut out here in Malaysian cinemas on YouTube. I know! WTF right? I mean, they can show Sylas's white, round, ugly butt from The Da Vinci Code, revealing outfits from various movies, obscene scenes such as Don't Mess With the Zohan, but they can't show an innocent kissing scene by two love struck teenagers. The authorities are soooo screwed up. Don't tell me they cut it because there was no soundtrack in the background for the scene and you can hear them breathing? Ataupun, maybe they cut it because taknak sakitkan hati the girl fans here in Malaysia for seeing Edward and Bella kissing?

I doubt that. (Btw, saw it 4 times already. Freak. Me. I know)


psychokiddo said...

WEYH! i tak terkejot pon. hahahaahaha.. macam la i tak knal u :D
been mmng obses orang cium.
just like chuck n blaire. haha :P
toink toink.

adlynndiyana. said...

omg omg omg
i pun geram je when they cut that!
cis bedebah :p
i am so gonna look it up jugak :p