We're Young & Gorgeous. Why Waste?

I'm suppose to be studying. I was until Hany told me to check out her blog. Hany, you're a BAD influence weyhh. Anywho's, I am effing-right-down-to-the-bone hungry right now. I'm too lazy to get my ass up to the dining hall, feel like texting Ara and order some food but I'm hell broke right now. That being said, I've got exactly RM3.40 in my big ass black wallet. My wallet costs hell more than what is inside of it. Gahhh. Semester break is less than 24 hours starting now! Cepat, cepat, cepat. If you're asking, what plans have I got installed to amuse myself this semester break is....... There is NO PLAN! That's the beauty of it isn't it? You can just wake up late noon, eat like there's no tomorrow, grab the car keys if any friends calls and ajak to hang out (kalau Mak tak pakai kereta lah kan), movie marathons, have really exquisite lunches/dinners etc etc.

This semester break means me being 20 next semester. I'll be ending my teen years in less than 3 months and counting. I'll be doing my best to rock my nineteen upside down which I will cherish forever and ever and ever till infinity. WTH? Hahaha. Too bad to the people who drowns themselves in their problems. Come on lah, you have to stop dwelling in your own acid tears and get up and try having a good life. Stop making life a subject for you to complain and bitch about 24/7. There are times when you are allowed to hide yourselves under the covers, cry your pretty eyes out, smack someone else's head sebab geram or try killing yourself. But everyday of your self-loathing, complaining 'my life sucks' drama has got to end, NOW. Orang naik menyampah tau? By the way, tak penat ke? FYI, budak-budak course lain I've heard dah mengumpat pasal kau dengan hidup kau yang serba 'tak indah' tu. Orang lain pun dah muak weyhh. Jangan sampai 1 campus tau sudah. Grow up.

P.S: Back to my issue, any ideas on how to rock my nineteen inside out? Suggestions, please and TQ.


aCe+ said...

suggestion- go n kick sumbody groin..ha3.. mine i think i will no naked in public.. thats da plan when im about to turn 20..hahaha.. but i still got 1 year n half to go through

aCe+ said...

hye babe.. u have been tagged.. entry lets tagged..thanx

hanyellis said...

dah sudah.
aku juga yang jahat.
kau memang nak MAMPOSS?
miss you la.