Pull My Pants Up

Exam is on Sunday morning. I can' sit still. I NEED the semester to be over. Pronto! I've just watched 'Dude, where's my car', I've texted 6 people and only one of them sudi reply, I've been stuffing my face with chocolates and I am now officially a paranoid dumb ass bitch who seems to have just lost her mind and focus in the countdown towards semester break.

1 day,
14 hours and
18 minutes to go
till the clock strikes 12 noon

and this Cinderella is off riding her pumpkin back to civilization.
Cepatlah habis. I need a packet of Gummi Bears.


aCe+ said...

suma student serat mesia mengalami benda yg sama.. well, ko brapa paper tggal? aku lg satu.yes!! esok aku merdeka dah.ha3

aCe+ said...

u r alway dis type of crazy+cool? huhu

lina nordin said...

i suke gmba ni. korang kt mane time niiii? hahaha